Tamarac Hit and Run Driver Hunted

Police are still looking for a hit-and-run driver responsible for a fatal crash in Tamarac. The three car accident happened early in the morning near Commercial Boulevard and the Florida Turnpike. Two trucks initially rammed into each other, but one of the drivers left the scene. The other driver left his vehicle to check out the damage and was struck by a passing car. The second car involved stayed to render aid. The first truck was later found abandoned. Police are asking the public for assistance.

Hit-and-run accidents are occurring increasingly, as statistics have shown. In fact, there was a dramatic increase in these incidents from 1993-2001, with the rate increasing exponentially every year. The reasons behind the increases have been disputed, with blame being assigned to a fear of rising insurance rates to people driving without a license. What is truly unfortunate is that most of the initial accidents are minor infractions. Once someone chooses to leave the scene, it can them be elevated to a larger offense or felony, dependent on local laws and circumstances.  If the drivers had stayed, they would have avoided the higher fines and warrants that are then tacked on.

People who are injured in car accidents have certain rights, including the right to seek medical care where they choose. A lawyer can help you understand what legal obligations and responsibilities are owed to you by the insurance company. If you need a lawyer, call our offices today to get assistance with your injury case.