SUV Crashes into Bus Bench

indexAn accident involving an airborne bus bench has left a woman injured when it struck her, throwing her from her wheel chair and left her cut and bruised.

This is by no means the first time an accident such as this has happened and at the very same intersection causing even more serious injuries in November of last year when another SUV slammed into the same bench and the building.

The accident which caused the SUV driver in that accident to be ejected from their vehicle was also caught on the building’s cameras.

Currently, there are concrete pillars that line the building along the sidewalk as a means to help lessen damage to the building and protect lives. However the bus stop, according to some who work in the building, should be moved from that corner because of the number of accidents that occur there.

Currently, investigators with the Miami Police Department are looking into why the driver of the SUV lost control of her vehicle and are deciding whether or not to cite her in the accident.

Even with eyewitness accounts, it can often prove difficult to determine just may have caused any given accident. Contributing factors could include driver error due to excessive speed, mechanical failure and even road conditions or environment. If it is determined that the bus stop is in an unsafe place, the city could be held liable as well.

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