Support Dog Reunited With Veteran After Crash

Many of us understand the benefits and value that pets add to our lives. While service animals fulfill a similar role, they are specially trained to assist those who need them in order to successfully live their daily lives.

In a story appearing on the CBS local affiliate in Miami, a United States Air Force veteran from Kansas who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been reunited with his service animal after a three-week-long search.

Larry Peteet was separated from his beloved Labrador Retriever, Sandy, after a car accident that was caused by Peteet’s heart condition. While Peteet was recovering in the intensive care unit in an area hospital after the accident, Peteet asked first responders to take the dog to a neighbor’s home.

After learning that his beloved dog had been passed from neighbor to neighbor to the point where no one seemed to know where Sandy was, Peteet hired a pet detective. Shortly after hiring the detective, he received a call from a Good Samaritan who said they had been given Sandy after having been told that the dog had been abandoned.

Larry Peteet and Sandy shared a tearful reunion over the weekend. Both dog and person spent the day at the dog park after a separation that was all-too-long for both Sandy and for Larry.