Smoking School Bus Crash at Pembroke Pines

Watching our speed on the road keeps everyone safe. It just takes one person to go at an unpredictable speed, one person to push their vehicle more than they should, to cause an accident. The faster you go, the more dangerous the wreck.

One driver in Pembroke Pines found that out when a car crashed at high speed into a school bus. The bus was stopped at stoplight at 68th Avenue. Footage from a video camera shows a minivan traveling at a high rate of speed and striking the rear of the bus. Two other cars were damaged in the incident.

A quick-thinking tow truck driver may have saved the life of the man in the van. The bus was leaking fluid and the van was smoking after the incident. The tow truck driver used a fire extinguisher to douse the smoking vehicle. Paramedics had to cut the minivan open to get the driver out before taking him to the hospital.

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