Rollover Crash on 159th and 6th

download (18)One of the more unexpected types of crashes is a rollover crash.  These are the worst, because there are not only the injuries sustained from the crash itself, but there are also additional pains inflicted by rolling over.

It was perhaps an idyllic day.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing.  Sunny day in Miami, just what the doctor ordered.  Everything was going well until the call was made.  Unfortunately, this type of call gets made way too often.

There had been a crash around Northeast 159th Street and Northeast 6th Avenue.  The dispatchers prayed that it would be an easy one, but that wasn’t going to happen.  It was a violent crash with multiple injuries.  The vehicle itself landed in a small puddle of water.

Where to go, where to go?  This car accident in Miami-Dade was a little out of the ordinary.  The Fire Rescue workers arrived on the scene and went straight to work, transporting many people to the hospital to patch them up. There were probably cuts and other lacerations, but there was no real information being released about the traumatic event.

Was it a simple matter of not paying attention o the road?  Were there other circumstances involved?  That’s where the knowledge and expertise of a good car accident attorney in Miami comes in – they can sort it out and make it right.