Reckless Lamborghini Driver Kills one in Causeway Crash

Have you ever been behind the wheel of a luxury sports car, like a Lamborghini? Most of us never have and can only dream of such a ride. When we see someone else, perhaps a wealthy business owner, driving as car like that, we may marvel at the spectacular design of the car. Sometimes, however, such a fast and powerful car can become a weapon of death and destruction, especially when its driver is recklessly speeding, perhaps even under the influence of alcohol.

That’s what happened with Andres Esteban Toro, 53, who has now been charged with vehicular homicide after a crash that killed on and serious injured another.

Toro was speeding toward the mainland along the causeway in the middle of the night when he struck a SUV from behind. The SUV was stopped at a red light. The car lifted the SUV in the air and was lifted itself, not landing for several meters.

A passenger in the car was killed in the crash. The driver of the SUV was taken to the hospital in critical, but stable, condition.

Toro’s actions have been described as demonstrating a willful and wanton disregard for person and property. Police report that his eyes were red and he smelled of alcohol, so his homicide charge may become manslaughter, depending on what blood tests show.

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