Police Chase Ends In Crash

Police chases are exciting on TV, but they are very dangerous for everyone involved. One wrong slip and innocent people can get caught up in the chase. That’s what happened in a recent crash reported on by CBS Miami.

Police were chasing a suspect who assaulted a cop after refusing to stop. They were following the suspect when the officer struck a vehicle on N.W. 7th Avenue. The collision pushed the officer’s cruiser into a third vehicle. Both of those vehicle caught fire, but the occupants were able to escape. All of the injured are in stable condition at this time.

Other officers were able to apprehend the suspect a few blocks from where this crash happened. He now faces several charges in connection with the incident.

We hope that the driver who got hit has adequate insurance. Most insurance companies will pay out in the event of a police crash. However, there are many cases where they will try to reduce payments for whatever reason. Before you sign any insurance settlement, you need to have a personal injury attorney look it over first to make sure it’s a fair deal. And if it isn’t, you need to fight for what you truly deserve.

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