Pedestrian Injured in Miami Gardens Hit and Run

Hit and run accidents involving pedestrians can be all too common. Earlier this week a pedestrian was injured in a hit and run crash that happened in Miami Gardens.

In a report that appeared on the CBS Local website in Miami, witnesses to the incident indicated that the man had been seen leaving a McDonald’s restaurant located near NW 183rd Street and NW 47th Avenue when he was struck by a gray Nissan. The street was left littered with auto parts from the vehicle, including a portion of the car’s bumper.

The injured man was transported to an area hospital to be treated for his injuries. No word has been released on his condition.

Anyone involved in an accident is required by Florida law to stop and render aid wherever possible. It’s considered a criminal offense not to do so and fleeing the scene when someone is seriously hurt –or worse is inexcusable. Even if the driver had been drinking and driving or had outstanding warrants for their arrest, makes this incident even more serious. Once the driver is caught, and it’s just a matter of time before they do, they will be facing high fines, the loss of their driver’s license and insurance as well as jail time.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a hit and run accident, having an attorney who will represent you in order to make sure that justice is done is important. An experienced Miami attorney can also ensure that you receive the compensation that you are eligible to receive as the result of the injuries that you received through no fault of your own.

An attorney can help to ensure that the person responsible receives the maximum punishment and that you receive maximum compensation Such compensation can help to pay any hospital or medical bills, ongoing medical care, disability, lost wages, pain and suffering and other punitive damages. If this describes your situation, or that of a loved one, give our offices a call.

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