One Killed, Six Injured in Violent Crash

A violent crash in Miami has left police scratching their heads over who caused the incident. CBS Miami reported on the incident.

The crash happened at Southwest 17th Street and 25th Avenue. Two vehicles collided in a neighborhood. One stopped in the street, the other plowed through a fence. Residents of the neighborhood came rushing out to investigate and help the injured.

Everyone in the crash was hurt. One person died and six others were taken to the hospital. Three of the injured were in critical condition. Police believe that one car may have run a stop sign to cause the incident, but it is too early in the investigation for them to say which vehicle may have been at fault.

Finding this out is important, and just so the police can file the appropriate charges. The insurance companies of the involved people will also want to know so they know how much to pay out. Those who cause crashes often don’t get enough compensation from their insurance companies to cover their injuries. That’s why we are here to fight on your behalf.

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