Officer Helps Save Lives After Car Crash

A multi-car crash on I-95 involving six people sent four of those people to the hospital on Sunday night. The accident occurred on Interstate 95 near 103rd Street in Northwest Miami-Dade. The four victims who were hospitalized are listed in critical condition. The two others suffered minor injuries.

A Miami Beach Police officer, Earl Hackworth told local reporters that he was on his way to work Sunday night when he saw the accident in the southbound lanes. He reported that a vehicle slammed into a concrete barrier. The impact of the accident caused two of the four passengers in the car to be ejected out of the vehicle. Hackworth then said that the vehicle then spun out of control, crashing into another vehicle that was travelling southbound on I-95.

The car then burst into flames and Hackworth managed to pull one of the victims out of the burning car. When someone refers to him as a hero, Hackworth said his act of protecting and serving is just part of helping someone in need.

Southbound lanes on I-95 were temporarily closed while police investigated the scene, backing up traffic for hours. One express lane was later opened for southbound vehicles

The cause of the crash is still currently under investigation. Preliminary investigation of the crash has revealed that speed may have played a part in the accident.

Car accidents claim the lives of nearly 40,000 people per year. There are still another three million people who are injured, some of these injured very seriously or even permanently. IN the state of Florida in 2008, according to state statistics, there were 243,342 automobile collisions. Of these, 2,983 resulted in fatalities.

Following the posted speed limit is just one way that drivers can prevent accidents on our Florida roadways. High speed crashes often happen on highways, freeways, Interstate highways, and even rural roads. The likelihood of injury or death in a high-speed accident will increase with the rate of speed.

In the initial impact of a high-speed collision, it is the force of the vehicle hitting another object or vehicle. What people often don’t realize is that there is a secondary impact where passengers in a vehicle bounce off of the interior of the car. Things such as the windshield, dashboard, steering wheel or air bag can all increase the number and severity of injuries that occur in a high speed crash. There is risk during such an impact to vital organs, skull fractures or traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, and death.

In the aftermath of a high-speed accident, emergency crews may be required to use the Jaws of Life to save the victims of the crash. Also, as demonstrated in this accident, there is the added risk of a vehicle catching fire and crash victims being burned or killed.

When officials finish investigating the actual cause of the crash, it is an easy matter to estimate how fast a vehicle was travelling at the time of an accident. At fault drivers can be charged with multiple criminal charges that could mean high fines, jail time, community service, higher insurance rates or loss of insurance premiums. In addition, the victims of a high-speed accident can file a civil suit for damages.

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