No Injuries in Pastor Home Crash

download (15)There’s a huge difference between driving to your pastor’s home and driving INTO your pastor’s home.  Fortunately, this particular story doesn’t have injuries to report.

Well, except for the duplex.  A driver near the vicinity of Northwest 39th Street and 110th Avenue was in his pickup, hauling trash.  Just another ordinary day.  Unfortunately, the driver of the pickup lost control of the vehicle and the brakes wouldn’t work.

The truck slammed into the wall of a duplex across the street, startling a pastor and her daughters.   The wall was ruined, and the mattress has concrete on it, but there were thankfully no injuries.

“I’m still in shock, so just giving God thanks for life,” says the pastor.  Her daughters were in the other room when they were alerted to the loud crash.

The daughters and the pastor are going to have to make other living arrangements while the repairs to the building are completed.  The duplex where they were living has been temporarily deemed an unsafe place to live.

The driver of the truck has received at least four citations for this incident which could have been much worse.

It’s always best to obtain the services of a car accident lawyer when something unexpected like this happens.  There’s no telling how much the damages are going to be in this case, but more than that, what about the injuries?  If you’ve had a case of someone unexpectedly dropping in, give us a call.