NBA Coach Charged with DUI

Jason Kidd, for the Brooklyn Nets has pleaded guilty to a drunken driving charge Tuesday. This comes one year after an incident in the Hamptons where he drove his vehicle into a telephone pole after the consumption of several drinks.

Kidd has been placed on interim probation following the plea by the judge who heard the case. Coach Kidd is also required to speak to Long Island high school students about the dangers of drunken driving as a part of his community service sentence.

Southampton Town police say Kidd wrecked his Cadillac SUV by driving it into a telephone pole in Water Mill. At the time of his arrest, Kidd was described by police as smelling of alcohol as well as his eyes being both notably bloodshot and glassy.

Kidd retired as an NBA player and had been hired recently to coach the Nets. Kidd took the team to two NBA Finals as a player while the franchise was playing in New Jersey.

Kidd has also been arrested in Phoenix in 2001 on a domestic violence charge, which he acknowledges.

It doesn’t matter who you are, driving under the influence of alcohol is against the law. Intoxication behind the wheel is one of the leading causes of fatal car accidents in the United States. If you don’t drink and drive, you substantially reduce your chances of being involved in a major car accident. If you are going to be somewhere and alcohol is on the menu, either don’t drink, or designate someone else to do the driving who is not drinking.

DUI car accidents are different from other types of automobile accidents because they tend cause more serious injuries and even fatalities. A driver convicted of DUI can spend years in jail, face heavy fines and damages as well as loss of license and insurance coverage.

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