Hit and Run Driver Turns Themselves in after Video Footage Released

downloadThe driver responsible for hitting a 15-year-old as he was crossing the street on Monday has turned himself in to authorities.

According to authorities, the driver of the silver Mercedes that struck Javier Valdez, 15, and who left the teen with injuries which include head trauma, a collapsed lung and broken bones on Northwest 22nd Avenue near 79th Street has been identified as Simeon Boykins.

Boykins just happens to be the cousin of Miami City Commissioner, Keon Hardemon. Hardemon said that Simeon came to the decision on his own to turn himself in and did not need to be convinced to do the right thing once he spoke with his family.

Hardemon said in a recent interview that he grew up with Boykins, and although Simeon has had previous legal troubles, including convictions for drugs, he was raised properly. In this case, Boykin was driving with a license under suspension.

Now that he knows what he did. He knows it was wrong from the very beginning and he’s facing those consequences now.”

Hardemon went to Jackson Memorial Hospital Tuesday afternoon and tried to console Javier’s aunt, Elia Carranza, giving her his number and promising prayers for the teen.

The Valdez family is concerned that Boykin will be treated like everyone else in spite of his powerful family connections.

Is he going to be treated differently because he’s related to a commissioner? Is he going to face the consequences of his actions?”

Additional questions have arisen as to the ownership of the Mercedes involved in the hit-and-run-accident. According to Commissioner Hardemon, it is not Boykin’s vehicle.

Boykins has been arrested and is now facing the charges of driving with a suspended license while being a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) and leaving the scene of an accident with serious injuries.

The law is absolutely clear; if you are involved in an accident, you must stop and render aid if possible. You must also stay at the scene if there are injuries involved until you are released by an officer of the law. A hit-and-run accident is a cowardly act. Although, this driver did turn himself in after the fact, he will likely have to pay very severe consequences in terms of jail time, fines and also civil liabilities.

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