Hialeah Man Arrested For Having Illegal Gas Tank

Drivers on Florida’s roads are being increasingly surrounded by a danger that is mostly invisible and potentially deadly.   

CBS Local in Miami reports that a Hialeah man was recently arrested after authorities discovered he had an illegal gas tank in his truck that was designed to sell gasoline on the black market.

Such vehicles, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, are of grave concern because these vehicles, which act as traveling gas stations, can explode if one gets into an accident.

Angel Besares, 35, was arrested for having what authorities describe as an illegal tanker in the form of a white Ford 250 pickup truck. 

According to FHP Lt. Alex Camacho, in a recent interview, he stopped Besares on the southbound STR 826 near Northwest 58th Street. While he examined the vehicle, he found what looked to be a large toolbox in the bed of Besares’ truck to have been converted into an illegal fuel tank. 

When Besares would fuel his truck at a gas station, a toggle switch in the cab would redirect the fuel to the illegal toolbox tank that was equipped with a hose, an electric pump, and a digital reader to show how many gallons had been pumped. 

While many claim that having the extra tanks is intended for their personal use, the problem is of grave concern to officials The FHP says the problem is increasing and the law agency is currently in possession of more than 20 vehicles that are similarly equipped with similar illegal gas tanks.   The greatest concern to officials is that none of the seized vehicles complies with federal regulations, and none have had a hazmat placard in place warning other drivers of the dangerous contents inside the vehicle.  

According to the FHP, getting into a crash with one of these vehicles could be potentially catastrophic.

Besares has 17 counts of grand theft filed against him previously in other states.  The judge in this latest case has set a $5,000 bond and house arrest.