Fatal Gas Leak Undetected Day Before Explosion

download (36)Gas company officials in New Jersey have determined that no gas leak was evident when a technician visited the location a day before a fatal explosion killed one person and left two additional people critically injured.

Officials say that the explosion occurred near Routes 1 and 9 approximately 1 mile south of Newark’s Liberty International Airport. The blast also affected some 16 additional buildings and knocked the homes on either side of the dwelling off their foundations.

A Spokesman for Elizabethtown Gas said that they were also unaware that the dwelling had a lower ground floor area that had been converted into an apartment with gas and electric services that were off the books.

The victim in the explosion has been identified as Femi Brown, 24. While others were also injured in the blast, two people, among them an 11-year-old boy, still remain hospitalized and in critical condition.

Investigators in the incident have noted discrepancies as to whether a potential gas leak was reported and they have yet to determine the exact location was in the lines that caused the explosion. Gas company investigators believe that it may have been caused because of a gas line that was capped incorrectly after a gas dryer was removed from the dwelling.

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