Elderly Wrong-Way Driver Causes Fatal Crash

Often, car accidents seem to come out of nowhere, so sudden yet permanent in what they leave behind. Take the example of one five-car pileup on this Florida highway. In an instant, two lives were lost and several more were injured.

91-year-old Ernest Lee Holmes of High Springs was driving a 1993 Buick Century, traveling southbound in a northbound highway lane. He hit 55-year-old Peter J Linek, from Ormond Beach, driving a Ford Explorer, head on, killing both drivers instantly.

The wreck resulted in a five car pileup, as two more cars and a Greyhound bus were involved. One of the affected cars carried a family with five children, though they were apparently uninjured from the experience.

There were, however, 13 passengers of the Greyhound bus that sustained minor injuries in the pileup. The bus was on its way to Atlanta. After the passengers were treated, the company did send another bus to take the passengers to their original destination.

Car accidents can leave the victims in a very tough situation, in which even minor injuries incur hospital bills, not to mention the expenses from property damage. While the victims may be counting on insurance money to help cover these expenses, all too often that money isn’t near enough to alleviate the long-term expenses a wreck can incur.

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