Elderly Driver Dies in Wrong Way Crash on Flordia Turnpike

Wrong-way driving is a chief cause of fatal accidents, and it’s happening more often according to a report from CBS Miami. Here is just the latest example of one, this time on the Florida Turnpike.

An elderly woman in her 70s was driving on the Florida Turnpike in the wrong direction. She was heading north in the southbound lanes. A tractor-trailer tried to swerve out of the way but could not dodge the woman in time and struck the car head-on. The woman died at the scene. The truck struck a guardrail and came to rest in the grass.

It is unknown why the woman was out driving around 2:30 AM, nor why she got on the wrong side of the road. There could be any number of reasons. Driving late at night is always a risky activity, but for elderly people it can be especially dangerous due to problems with vision, cognition, and reaction time. We may never know why it happened, at least from the news media.

If you are an elderly driver, you must take stock of what your driving capabilities are and adjust your driving habits accordingly. While you may have been driving for most of your life, there comes a time when driving on the road may become too dangerous to yourself and to others.

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