Driver Injures Five after Falling Unconscious at the Wheel

downloadPeople with medical conditions are sometimes forbidden to drive depending on what the problem is, but sometimes a medical condition can manifest unexpectedly while driving. Situations like these can put many people into danger and could open up the driver to liability depending on what happened.Five people were injured in an accident on Biscayne Boulevard when the driver had a medical problem manifest. He lost consciousness at the wheel, slammed into a traffic light, hit the curb, and landed on its side at the Port of Miami sign. The five people in the vehicle were trapped.

Good Samaritans nearby did manage to rescue the people. A five-year-old in the car was bleeding severely. Thankfully all the injuries do not appear to be life-threatening, though the girl and a woman were taken to a trauma center. Officials at the scene say that the driver was very lucky that more people didn’t get hurt. That area is known for many pedestrians and heavy traffic.

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