Deputy Recovering After Tour Bus Crash In Sugarloaf Key

Our law enforcement officers each make a promise to protect and to serve their community. This vow is a part of their job description and it means that they gladly put their lives on the line and risk serious injury or death for the greater public good and its security. Even with their training and expertise, they are not immune to being seriously hurt in an accident.

NBC Miami reports that a deputy from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MSCO) is currently recovering in the hospital after a crash in Sugarloaf Key on Monday, May 6th.

The Florida Highway Patrol is working with the MSCO to investigate the crash that happened at approximately 8:15 a.m. when Deputy David Brummer.40, was riding his police motorcycle traveling southbound on the highway when he was struck by a tour bus that was behind him.

Brummer was airlifted from the scene of the crash to Jackson South Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Deputy Brummer is currently listed in stable condition.

No one else was injured in the accident.

Deputy Brummer is a 12-year law enforcement veteran who served in as a police officer in New Jersey and a trooper in the Florida Highway Patrol before joining the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. He is expected to be ok. The driver of the bus has been identified as Noelle Plagens, 76, of Key West. The Florida Highway Patrol issued Plagens a citation for her role in the crash.