Deputies Rescued Three Men After Their Boat Capsized Tuesday Night

The state of Florida is one of the most popular places to enjoy almost every kind of boating imaginable. Our state has some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, bays, and vast expanses of open water to enjoy fishing.

Though the scenery may be breathtaking, it poses different risks to fishermen and people who enjoy boating. Turbulent weather can become dangerous, and the situation can escalate to life-threatening proportions. A similar incident occurred during a fishing trip last month when three men had to be rescued after their boat capsized just two miles off the coast of Pompano Beach.

NBC affiliate, WTVJ in Miami, reported that the Broward County Sheriff’s Office received a distress call on the night of Tuesday, April 28th. Marine units and an aviation crew responded to the call.

The aviation crew spotted the three men sitting on the hull of their capsized vessel, frantically signaling the shore with their flashlight.   The waters that night were rough, and the aviation unit assisted the marine unit in reaching the site where the men were.

Deputies with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office marine unit pulled the three men aboard their vessel and safely returned them to shore.

All three men had been wearing life vests at the time. No injuries were reported.

Investigators believe that the boat overturned because of rough weather conditions in the waters off of the southern coast that night. High winds and waves of between four to five feet in height likely caused the boat to capsize.