Deadly Motorcycle Accident On I-595 Near Nobb Hill Road

There is nothing else that brings a sense of freedom and excitement of the open road in the way that riding a motorcycle does. Motorcycles are an incredibly popular mode of transportation because they are an economical and maneuverable mode of transportation. Motorcycles, however, also have some notable disadvantages compared to other motor vehicles on the road.  

One such motorcycle crash that was recently reported on the NBC Miami website that happened on Sunday has left one person dead and several others injured in an accident which occurred in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 595 near Nobb Hill Road in Davie on Sunday.

A representative from the Florida Highway Patrol said that the accident happened at around noon and involved two motorcycles. The injured riders in the crash were rushed to Broward General Hospital.

One of those injured in the accident was a passenger on one of the motorcycles and died as the result of the injuries that they sustained in the crash.

No further information has been released regarding the accident.

One of the disadvantages that motorcyclists and their passengers face is that they are more exposed to the elements and to the hazards of the road. Because of their smaller size, other motorists may not see them or even look out for them. Because of these and other factors, motorcyclists and their passengers need to take additional precautions in order to stay safe on the road and prevent serious injury or death.

Not only should motorcyclists be aware and obey the rules of the road, there a number of safety precautions that they can take to make their time on the road as safe as possible. One such precaution is investing and wearing a good helmet.  A helmet can make a considerable difference in the seriousness of injuries if they are ever be involved in an accident.  In addition, motorcyclists are well advised to:

  • Be familiar with the owner’s manual of their motorcycle to ensure proper operation.
  • Consider wearing leather jackets, pants or chaps in order to prevent road rash and other injuries if the motorcycle is laid down or spills.
  • Check all equipment such as turn signals, headlights, mirrors, tire pressure and brakes to ensure proper operation.
  • Keep the maximum number of people on a motorcycle at two in order to maintain safety.
  • Keep an eye out for road hazards such as other vehicles, debris, railroad tracks or other obstacles and situations.
  • Be aware that helmets can create blind spots. Make sure that you are in the clear before passing or changing lanes.
  • Follow posted speed limits, traffic signs and allow yourself adequate stopping distance for your motorcycle whether you are riding on the open road, a highway or in town.

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