Couple Did The Right Thing Despite Being Hurt

Helping others in time of need is important to many people. One couple who did what they felt was the right thing when coming upon an accident on the I-95 is now recovering after being hurt when they lent assistance in a deadly crash.

Isadore and Tiffany James had just flown into town to celebrate their wedding anniversary and were taking the 1-95 to their hotel when they saw a motorcyclist in the middle of the road after losing control of his motorcycle.

The James’ were not the only Good Samaritans to stop. Other like-minded motorists did the same, including a woman who was talking on her cell phone to 911 dispatchers.

Tiffany James helped by moving the vehicle of the woman who was on the phone out of the way. While doing so, the car was struck by another vehicle. When Tiffany got out of the vehicle again, everyone, including the owner of the vehicle was lying on the ground.

A white pickup truck struck the previous wreck. Isadore James recalls vividly the turn of events that unfolded moments before the accident that left four people dead and another six injured. “The white truck swerved down I-95 and it was coming towards us and hit another car and I thought nothing good was going to happen,” Isadore said. He says he still relives those moments every night before going to sleep.

The driver of the white pickup has been identified as Lionel Orrego, was arrested at the scene on the charge of DUI. Other related charges in the fatal crash are pending.

The James’ consider themselves lucky to be alive.  They also say that though what would be their 19th wedding anniversary, they have no regrets. They offered their assistance to someone in need as a part of their faith.  Even though Isadore was left with a fractured left ankle that required surgery and significant road rash after the accident, the couple said that they would have done it again.