Good Samaritan Claims Instinct Helped Him Save Couple From Vehicle Fire

Most of us have heard the story of the Good Samaritan and hope that if we are in a position to need help, someone will be there to help. Conversely, if we see others in trouble, it is a natural instinct to help when and if we can.

According to a story appearing on the CBS local station in Miami, that is exactly what happened to a couple who were trapped in their vehicle after a fiery crash in northwest Miami-Dade on NW 52nd Avenue at NW 177th Street at approximately 2:00 a.m. on Thursday morning.

Investigators say that the driver lost control of the vehicle, crashing into a fence located on a church’s property. The vehicle caught fire, with a husband and wife inside.

Residents in the neighborhood who live across the street from the church property ran to the site of the accident after hearing the crash.

Iman, the man who pulled the driver from the wreckage said that his actions were “just instinct.”

Iman got the driver out when he noticed a girl also trapped in the burning car. With the help of a neighbor and using a knife to cut the girl free, both passenger and driver were pulled to safety until emergency crews arrived on the scene.

Both the driver and passenger were airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital. No further information has been released regarding their identities or current condition.