Car Damaged by Dripping Concrete

A South Florida resident is accusing a luxury condominium developer of being careless and damaging her vehicle. The developer, working at a site on Hollywood Beach, has a crane that crosses over a parking lot daily during construction.

The resident, who parks daily in a parking lot located next to the construction site, has continually dealt with debris and dust on her car, but when she washed her vehicle recently, she realized that other, more serious damage had occurred.

The resident alleges that concrete from the site had dripped from the crane onto her car. Professional cleaners have told her that the concrete can’t be removed without damaging the car.

The construction company that is accused of the damage declined an interview by local media; however, they stated that they make it a practice to cover cars before performing any concrete work.

The resident was told by the construction company that they will pay to have her car cleaned.

Sometimes in the course of construction, accidents can happen, not only to workers, but potentially causing injuries or damage to innocent bystanders and residents surrounding a construction site. If you or a loved one has been injured or had property damage in connection with a construction site, give our offices a call.

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