10 Vehicles Damaged In Semi Tire Blowout

Most crashes are caused by operator error, but not all of them. Mechanical failure can also cause a crash, and some kinds of mechanical failure can damage surrounding vehicles when they happen. Tire blowouts are one example.

Most passenger vehicle tires are inflated to a pressure of around 30-40 PSI. Semi truck tires are inflated to around 95 PSI or higher. They need the extra pressure to handle the heavy load, but it also means that if they have a blowout there’s much more force.

One of these blowouts happened recently according to WHIO TV and caught ten other vehicles in the explosion. The incident happened on northbound I-75 near I-675 around 5:30 AM. State troopers reported that the tire blowout scattered debris all over the road. Other cars crashed into the debris. Fortunately, no one was injured by hitting the debris, but it took police some time to reopen the lanes.

Also, during the cleanup operation, two other crashes happened on the same stretch of road. One happened near the I-675 overpass over I-75, followed minutes later by a crash in the median that blocked the left lane. Injuries in those crashes were not reported.

Everything was cleared by 8 AM, but if you had trouble getting to work this morning now you know why!