Boy Critically Injured in Miami Crash

The news doesn’t always have all the information about a crash at the time the story goes to press. We might learn that something happened, but not why. For some readers, the why may not matter, but for the people involved in the incident, it does quite a lot. Here is an instance.

According to a story on NBC Miami, there was a crash at 22nd Avenue and 36th Street. It was a severe one. Paramedics had to cut one of the cars open to reach the injured people. Among the injured was a young boy who was near death at the scene. He and the others involved were transported to the hospital.

Why did the crash happen? The story doesn’t say. But the answers are sure to come out. Insurance companies and the police will both be working to get an explanation. Those responsible for a crash may face charges or a lawsuit, and the insurance companies will want to know whether or not they have to pay out.

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