Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Miami, FL

Many people, especially motorcycle owners, love Florida’s year-round sunny weather. It is perfect for carefree rides and cruising down the road while enjoying the state’s beautiful beach views and scenic highways. It is no surprise that Florida is home to some of the most popular motorcycle events in the country like Biketoberfest and Daytona Bike Week. The sad news is that Miami ranks number one in motorcycle accidents and deaths in the country.

It continues to be a worrying reality that motorcycle accidents account for a significant percentage of annual traffic accidents and deaths not just in Florida but in the entire country. Because of the nature of the vehicle and the limited protection bike riders have compared to drivers of other vehicles, motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to accidental injuries and fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are much more likely to suffer serious or fatal accidents than the drivers of any other type of vehicle. This is why, as a motorcycle owner in sunny Florida, you may need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Miami.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The data above highlights the importance of having a good motorcycle accident lawyer help you in case of an accident. Data on motorcycle crashes only scratch the surface on the problems you will face should you get into one. Not only will you have the worry of you or your loved one recovering from their injuries, but you will also have medical bills, vehicle repair, and work absences to deal with. You will also very likely have to face insurance companies. An accident is a stressful and overwhelming experience but, with a competent and trusted motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, things don’t have to be difficult.

Consulting with a trusted lawyer will provide you with insight into the legalities involved in motorcycle injuries and fatalities. A lawyer will also represent you and help you and your family get the full and fair compensation you deserve. If you have suffered a motorcycle accident in Miami, FL and have sustained a personal injury because of it, immediately contact a lawyer to start working on your personal injury lawsuit and/or insurance claim.

What to Expect from a Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim

Florida has a no-fault rule when it comes to insurance relating to vehicle liability. This rule is somewhat complex, and motorists often wonder how they can file for it or why there are claims brought against them when they suffer an injury because of the actions of another driver. Under the Personal Injury Protection rule or PIP, drivers must have at least $10,000 of body injury liability for a single person or $20,000 for two or more people and $10,000 for property damage liability. No matter whose fault an accident is, this insurance coverage will pay for medical expenses and wages that are lost by all parties involved due to the accident.

Unfortunately, this insurance scheme can expose drivers to other costs related to the accident. PIP only covers up to 80% of medical expenses and only 60% of lost income. There are also deductible options, limitations, and exceptions to the rule.

This is why it is best to have a professional motorcycle accident lawyer help you deal with insurance claims and lawsuits related to motorcycle accidents. A lawyer with expertise in this area will help you claim the full and fair compensation you deserve. They will also walk you through the whole process, step by step.

Common Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents and Their Causes

No matter how careful you are on the road, accidents can still happen. Injuries related to motorcycle accidents can range from simple scratches and road rash to death or permanent injury. Common causes of accidents also range from simple slip-ups to full and willful negligence.

Here are some of the more common injuries and causes of motorcycle accidents.

Common injuries:

  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Injuries to the spine or spinal cord
  • Paralysis
  • Injuries to internal organs
  • Head injuries, such as traumatic brain injury or TBI
  • Severed limbs

Common causes:

  • Impaired driving due to alcohol consumption
  • Not using helmets or using faulty helmets
  • Driving over the recommended speed limit

It is a sad reality that no matter how careful you are, another motorcycle rider or vehicle driver’s negligence can cause an accident and inflict you with damages and injuries. With regards to injuries, they can be quite deceiving; you may feel fine after an accident only to later discover that you have actually been injured quite seriously. Never treat an accident lightly and have yourself checked immediately after an accident. If you are worried about medical bills and the costs associated with the repair of your motorbike, calling a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you with insurance claims.

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