Miami Side Impact Collision Lawyer

Miami Side Impact Collision Lawyer

Despite advancements in care safety features, tens of thousands of lives are lost every year on America’s roadways in traffic accidents. More than 100 people are killed every day (or one person every 14 minutes) in vehicle accidents in the United States, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in a summary of 2016 motor vehicle crashes, found that over 35,000 total roadway deaths were reported in 2016. The causes of death range from intoxicated driving and distracted driving to speeding, driving during inclement weather, rear-end collisions, rollover accidents, and side impact collisions.

These figures are for fatal accidents only, and the figures for traffic accidents as a whole are just as alarming. Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has found that over 250,000 injuries were reported in the state in 2016 alone, and the NHTSA estimates that the social and economic cost of vehicle accidents, once you account for property damage, medical costs, workplace losses, lost productivity, legal and court expenses, and lost quality of life, accrues to more than $800 billion, or almost 10% of Gross Domestic Product every year.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries or damages of any type in a side impact collision, we are here to help. With expert attorneys who focus on automotive law and accident compensation cases, we can help you get your life back on track and seek the damages you deserve. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation and case evaluation with one of our panel experts. We will walk you through everything you need to know and will give you an expert assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Our services are on a contingency basis, meaning you pay nothing until you win, and there are no hidden or up-front costs for our services whatsoever.

Insurance Coverage for Damages and Injuries

Insurance policies are generally complex, and it can be very difficult to identify which policy applies in which situation and to which individual or individuals involved in a car accident. There are also time limits, payment limits, deductibles, inclusions, exclusions, and a host of other terms, categories, and clauses that need to be understood before filing a claim for specific damages or injuries.

Depending on who is found to be at fault for your accident and the type of injuries or losses you sustained, you can claim damages and a settlement for all of the following:

  • Personal injury, including brain injury, broken bones, scarring, or physical impairment
  • Property damage and car repair costs
  • Lost earnings and lost ability to earn
  • Loss of life in case of a traffic fatality
  • Funeral and burial costs for a deceased loved one
  • Medical costs such as care, treatment, surgery, medicine, and transport to or from medical appointments

Although the rules outlining how these damages are to be sought are relatively straightforward, doing so can actually be quite tricky. Proving negligence, estimating the value of your claim, and convincing your insurance provider, law enforcement authorities, or a judge and jury of the validity of your claim will require you to:

  • Present the facts of your case in a convincing manner
  • Provide evidence of physical injury using medical reports and doctor statements
  • Prove the negligence of an at-fault third-party driver using cell phone records, an official police report, or camera footage
  • Document the extent of property damage or personal injuries you suffered using photos, recordings, or expert testimony
  • Meet all filing deadlines
  • Negotiate with insurance adjusters (once you get them to come to the table to discuss a settlement)
  • Take your insurer or that of an at-fault driver to court and participate in legal hearings until your case is decided

While none of these things are impossible to do, doing them in an injured state or while caring for an injured loved one can be very difficult. There is no reason to undergo the stress and hardship associated with filing a claim against a large, established insurer when we, as experts in this field, can streamline the process for you and take care of it on your behalf.

Local Experts Here to Help

Like any other big business, America’s insurance carriers are out to make money however they can. This includes offering low settlements where higher ones are deserved, or by outright refusing to make payments to innocent victims on policy technicalities.

If you need help filing a claim for a side impact accident you have suffered in, we are just a call away. You can reach us at 305-853-9171 for a free and private consultation. From evidence collection to filing all of the documents needed by the courts to decide your case, we will handle your case from start to finish and you pay nothing until you are awarded a settlement. Call now.