State Farm Car Accident Claims Injury Lawyer In Miami

State Farm Car Accident Claims Injury Lawyer In Miami

Thousands of car accidents happen in Florida annually, with more than 60,000 motor vehicle crashes occurring in 2017 in Miami-Dade County alone. This is based on statistics from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. From 2014 to 2016, there was a 6.5% increase in the number of accidents county-wide.

Further research from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shows that over 400,000 collisions occurred throughout the state in 2017. These crashes resulted in over 20,000 incapacitating injuries, over 3,000 fatalities, and over 250,000 injuries. Even in 2016, there were more than 64,000 crashes statewide that resulted in injury to 33,000 people and 300 people losing their lives. These accidents have real costs – both economic as well as non-economic – that can last for years, and they were estimated by the Federal Highway Administration to be about $242 billion in 2010 alone.

Insurance is often advertised as a safety net. However, the harsh reality is that many motorists often find themselves facing an uphill task when it comes to filing claims with insurance companies. The State Farm Insurance Company is no different. The company has been in the market for almost a century and is a well-known player in the insurance industry. While State Farm may claim that it gives accident victims top priority, the company’s main goal is to protect its revenue and the interests of its shareholders.

When you try to collect damages from State Farm after a crash, you’ll likely be paid less than what you deserve because State Farm will minimize your compensation however they can. If you or a family member were injured in a car crash, call our skilled State Farm car insurance claims attorneys at 305-853-9171 to learn about what you should do to maximize your payout and to avoid being manipulated or forced into accepting a settlement lower than what you deserve.

How to File a Lawsuit with State Farm

You can file a case with State Farm in a number of different ways if the company is your car insurance provider. If you haven’t talked to your State Farm agent or any other representative from the company but have your police report, you can file a lawsuit with the company via email, on their website, using their mobile app, or by calling them.

You can file a case online by creating an online profile on the State Farm claims system. Doing so will enable you to view and upload documents that are relevant to the lawsuit and to keep track of the status of your case at all times.

If you were involved in an auto accident that was not your fault but the at-fault motorist’s insurance company is State Farm, it is upon you or your car insurance company to help you file a case against them. The other motorist’s policy (in this case, State Farm) can potentially be held liable to pay for the losses you’ve incurred, your medical expenses, and for damaged property.

What to Present When Filing a Lawsuit with State Farm

  • Documentation and details of any accident-related bodily injuries including your initial hospital or doctor visit, results from that visit, and other relevant information
  • A copy of the police report concerning the accident. You can contact the police department if you don’t have it to request a copy from them
  • Contact information of a trusted car repair shop
  • The insurance policy number or name of the at-fault motorist and your insurance policy number need to be provided with your claim
  • Contact information of any passengers that were involved in the car crash with you
  • Documented evidence of the damages caused, such as photos of the damaged car or pictures of skid marks

What Is a Claim Number and Why Do You Need One?

After an accident that involves State Farm, you will be one of many accident victims filing a claim with the company. State Farm assigns every claim a claim number to help keep track of all the claims being made with or against them. Your claim number helps State Farm put all the data concerning your claim in one convenient place.

The company will maintain a file on you, your treatment, and your accident. You’ll be required to provide this number throughout the claims process when communicating with State Farm and when sending or requesting any official documentation from them, or when providing medical bills related to your claim to them.

What to Expect When Dealing with State Farm

Though every State Farm insurance adjuster and an agent are different, the processes used to streamline accident claims and property damages are the same. Since State Farm’s objective is maximizing profits, the company will do everything it can to invalidate claims that are filed against them using the likes of delay tactics, intimidation, overburdening claimants with demands for evidence or documentation, and more.

This is why it is important that you work with an experienced legal expert who knows how to handle delays or intimidation tactics that big insurance companies may resort to so that you can deal with them on equal footing.

Talk to Our Miami Lawyers About Your State Farm Lawsuit

State Farm’s aim is to protect their bottom line, and it will use its resources to investigate and find fault with your claim. If you want to file an accident claim with State Farm, let us help you. Call us now at 305-853-9171 for professional guidance regarding your claim. We will handle everything from filing the claim and collecting the evidence needed to support your case to representing you in court if your case goes to trial. Call now.