Whiplash Accident Lawyer in Homestead, FL

Whiplash Accident Lawyer in Homestead, FL

You may have woken up in the past with a strained or stiff neck. This often happens because of bad positioning of the neck while you were sleeping. Whiplash is very similar, yet more severe. It occurs when the head is overly stretched forward or backward while the body remains relatively stationary.

Whiplash can prevent you from performing regular activities, including your day to day job and spending time with family. It can prevent you from earning and can have effects that last longer than many other injury types. According to the U.S National Library of Medicine, the quality of life of 23.4% of victims with whiplash gradually deteriorates, and this is attributed to psychological and socio-economic factors that play a role in the lives of victims in the aftermath of the accident.

Whiplash can manifest in various ways, and the effects can differ in terms of severity and the period over which the effects last. While suing for compensation in a whiplash injury, there are other injuries that will help the lawyer to prove that you did indeed suffer whiplash, including:

  • Head injuries
  • Injuries on the face
  • Damage on the vertebrae and the discs of the back
  • Injuries to the lower back and the neck

Losses Associated with Whiplash

After sustaining a whiplash injury from an accident and receiving medical attention, your problems may not end there. You may still suffer episodes of sleepless nights, be haunted by the events of the accident, and face regular, throbbing pain in your neck. While no monetary figure can undo the accident itself, filing for damages can help settle other losses and lessen the effects of non-monetary damages.

Compensation may be sought for all of the following, depending on the unique factors and circumstances surrounding your case:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of current and future earnings when the injury interferes with your ability to work
  • Loss of house assistance
  • Loss of quality and enjoyment in life
  • Emotional trauma
  • Stress and depression
  • Loss of bodily functions

What to Do After a Whiplash Injury

In some instances, the effects of whiplash do not manifest immediately, and it may take time before you start feeling or seeing the effects. To establish that you have sustained a whiplash injury, it is important that you seek immediate medical attention. Do not make the mistake of assuming that you are okay simply because you do not feel anything after the accident. In any case, reports from a professional physician will be needed to build your case and claim for compensation. It is recommended that you make your injury claim as soon as you get your results of the whiplash injury because of the statues of limitation (usually four years) that apply to injury cases.

Once you’ve received medical care, contact an attorney to discuss your legal options and to learn about the next steps you should take.

Insurance Negotiations

After you’ve been involved in a whiplash accident, regardless of how severe your injuries may be, insurance companies will strive to limit their liability for your accident. Some insurance companies act beforehand and approach unknowing victims of accidents and offer compensation that they know is lower than what you are likely owed. Never accept any such offers, especially without the presence of your attorney.

Some insurance companies also choose to purposely cause delays to your case so that the window for filing a claim closes before you have completed and compiled your paperwork and are ready to sue. The lawyers of some insurance companies will even go as far as contacting you immediately after the accident in an attempt to gather information which, unknowingly to you, will be used against you during the lawsuit. You must speak with legal counsel as soon as you can after the accident and never sign anything or agree to anything without first discussing things with an expert.

While you have the right to file a claim for compensation after a whiplash injury, this right does not last forever, and as per Florida statutes of limitation, you have four years from the time of the accident to file for a claim, and after that, the right is voided. Reach out to us as soon as possible and speak to our team of whiplash accident experts in Homestead, FL today to get started on your case while there is still time.

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