Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer In Hialeah, FL

Ridesharing apps have rocked the world of modern transportation. They offer commuters competitive transport options in lieu of public transportation and taxis. They also give car owners the opportunity to earn money on the side. It continues to be popular in Florida, with people Uber partners earning over $870 million in 2017 while commuter usage of taxis has fallen.

Despite the ease brought about by this technology, accidents still happen, especially with unprofessional or untrained drivers at the wheel. If you were in any way injured or involved in a car accident in an Uber or Lyft-operated vehicle, reach out to one of our experienced Uber & Lyft accident lawyers immediately. Do not delay or second-guess your accident; this will only negatively affect the outcome of your case and the settlement you will get. Our expert Uber & Lyft accident lawyers will file your case for you and help you through the process of getting your full and fair compensation immediately.

Why You Need an Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

The last thing you want after getting into a car accident is having to deal with paperwork and insurance companies. You may have serious injuries and financial issues to contend with, and navigating the insurance policies and documentation required for filing a claim will just add more stress to your situation. As a victim, stress will affect your recovery and might even worsen existing injuries.

Also, the technology of ridesharing apps is new and evolving; laws governing companies such as Uber and Lyft are still catching up to the tech. An ordinary attorney who is inexperienced in this field will generally not know which specific rules or laws impact ridesharing cases because of the ever-changing nature of these rules and policies.

This is why you need an Uber & Lyft accident lawyer who knows their way around these cases. Not only will you be informed of your rights as a victim, but our lawyers will file a case for your compensation, and you will be more at ease knowing you don’t have to research things and do them all by yourself.

Insurance Coverage from Uber and Lyft

Should you find yourself in an unfortunate accident involving a ridesharing car or driver, you should know the insurance policies of the company involved. Here are Uber’s and Lyft’s insurance coverage policies as they pertain to accidents with their drivers:

  • You can claim up to $25,000 for property damage if the driver is logged in on the app during the accident
  • For death and bodily injury, you can claim $50,000 per person if the driver is logged in on the app during the accident
  • Total compensation can reach up to $1 million if the driver is transporting you or a passenger

It is important to note that the driver must be using the app during the accident. If the driver is not using Uber’s or Lyft’s app during the accident, then you have to contact the driver’s personal insurance instead, as Uber or Lyft will not be liable. As mentioned above, policies in the ridesharing industry are constantly changing and there are intricacies and nuances that you might not know, so you should talk to an Uber & Lyft accident lawyer to know how to handle these changing and evolving rules and policies.

Accidents that Changed Uber’s and Lyft’s Policies

No matter how safe they advertise their services to be, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that accidents still happen all the time. Here are two noteworthy cases that forced Uber and Lyft to change their insurance policies:

  • A six-year-old was fatally struck by a distracted driver using the Uber app. The driver claimed to be looking for a passenger to pick up when he hit Sofia and her family. At that time, there was no insurance coverage if the driver was not transporting a passenger, but because of this unfortunate event, Uber later changed their policy
  • Lyft had their first fatal accident in 2014. The driver was transporting passengers when the accident happened, resulting in the death of one of them. Shortly before this, they changed their policy to include coverage for drivers in-between rides

Laws continuously change, especially in a new domain such as the ridesharing industry. Contact an Uber & Lyft accident lawyer who knows the industry well and will know how to navigate this complex and sometimes confusing industry.

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