Woman Saved in Canal Accident

download (34)The gray Hyundai was driving around Copans Road until the vehicle fell into one of the many canals that dot the South Florida landscape.  Two police officers received the 911 call and arriving only a minute afterward.

They were treated to the scene of the driver sinking with her car into the canal.  The vehicle was about halfway in the water and slowly submerging.  Acting quickly, the cops removed their gun belts, jumped into the water, and used a hammer to shatter the car’s window.

The police officers are being hailed as heroes for this act. They managed to break the back window and pull the woman out of the car and to safety.  The woman received some injuries as a result of her crash, but they weren’t nearly as severe as they possibly could have been.

“There’s no better feeling when you see someone’s eyes and they’re coming out and you’re saving them,” said one of the police officers.

The cause of the crash wasn’t clear, but that will come out in time.  It’s heartwarming to see our police officers doing the right thing.

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