Woman Crashes into Daycare Center

download (38)What are some of the circumstances that can cause a car to go out of control?  There is driver error, of course – distracted driving accounts for quite a number of accidents.  There is also equipment malfunction – nationwide, there are a number of accidents that occur for this reason, though not as many as distracted driving.  What was the cause of this accident?
It was a Friday afternoon.  Everyone was itching to get home and start their weekend, revving themselves up to enjoy the day.  All was relatively quiet at the Lake Patricia Shopping Center, perhaps too quiet.  That is when the four-door sedan entered the premises.
Maybe, just maybe, the vehicle lost control because of equipment malfunction.  Perhaps it was distracted driving.  Either way, the woman behind the wheel got a crashing surprise when her vehicle rammed into the side of the daycare in the shopping center.
The only thing that stopped her from going further into the building to endanger children was the sturdy brick wall that she ran into.  That wall was the savior of several children that day, as the helicopter pilot who was almost immediately over the scene can attest.
There were, thankfully, no injuries reported from the accident.  The biggest question is, however, what if there were?  What if the wall tumbled down and injured some of the children inside?  Who would be there to sort out the damages?
That’s what our Miami car accident lawyers do best.  We’re on your side to figure out what went wrong, who owes what, and to provide peace of mind for the everyone involved.   Give us a call for a free consultation if you’ve been involved in an accident.