Two Men Dead After Car Wraps Around Tree

Two men are dead after the car they were riding in slammed into a tree. Authorities say that the single vehicle accident happened at approximately 5:25 A.M. The victims have been identified as Jonathan Clarke, 22 of Coral Springs, who had been driving the vehicle, and the passenger, Travis Wilson, 22 of Lauderhill.

According to eyewitnesses, the car had been traveling on Atlantic Boulevard, and then speeding down Lakeview Drive, just moments before the crash occurred. The driver, Clarke, lost control of the vehicle just before a curve in the road. The force of the impact was great enough to have wrapped the car around the tree, nearly folding it in two.

Police say that speed was the likely culprit in the crash. Neighbors indicate that there is a tendency for motorists to speed on Lakeview Drive and they would like to see the city install speed bumps or some other means to reduce speed along the street. It is well known that speed limits are most often put in place for reasons of safety. Travelling at the posted speed limit is one of the easiest ways to avoid an accident. Roads are designed for particular speed limits. The radius of a curve will change depending on the speed limit of the road. The tighter the turn, the slower the speed must be to navigate it safely.

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