Two Dead, One Injured from Illegal Bike Ride Through Miami

Motorcycle riders have their own subculture. For the most part, bikers stay safe on the roads. But there are occasions where groups of them decide to ride recklessly. Thanks to one popular bike ride in Miami that police have been fighting for years, two young men have died and another one was seriously injured.

Hundreds of people on motorbikes, dirt bikes, and ATVs gathered to participate in “Wheels Up, Guns Down”, a bike ride that went up I-95. The riders, many of whom were driving illegal vehicles for the interstate, blocked traffic, performed stunts, and drove recklessly.

One of the young men was on a dirt bike, an illegal vehicle for the streets. As he was making a left turn, he crashed into a car. He went into cardiac arrest and died at the hospital. Despite warnings from his mother, the man participated in the dangerous activity by using a borrowed bike. Another man was killed driving his ATV to the event from Orlando.

The injured driver was struck by a car on Palmetto Highway. None of the other riders stopped to help him for fear of the police. Luckily, he has made it to the hospital.

Police hope to stop the ride completely through enforcement efforts in the future.

When you drive recklessly, you take your life and the lives of others into your hands. You also open yourself up to expensive compensation lawsuits. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident and it wasn’t your fault, contact our legal team immediately. We can help.