Principal Pushes Kids Away from Oncoming Bus, Loses Life

download (57)An elementary school principal who lost her life in an accident involving a school bus that jumped a curb is also being hailed as a hero for having pushed between six to 10 students out of harm’s way.

Debbie Thie, a 3rd grade teacher at the school and longtime friend of Principal Susan Jordan, said she was standing Tuesday on the sidewalk outside Amy Beverland Elementary School in front of a line of buses as students filed out when she saw the vehicle lurch toward the children. Two 10-year-old students were injured; however, no one lost their life in the incident except Jordan.

“It was as if the bus wouldn’t stop,” Thie said. “The bus came up on the curb and kept going, across the sidewalk and into the grass. Susan immediately started saving the children. She backed up toward the school trying to beat the bus. She’s grabbing kids and scooting them out of the way.”

Thie said that she didn’t see Jordan get hit, but she believed that the principal pushed between 6 -10 children out of the way and toward the school to get them out of the runaway bus’s path.

The bus driver also told firefighters at the scene of the accident that she had seen Jordan push several students out of the way as the bus suddenly jolted over a curb

One boy was trapped under one of the tires, Thie said. Thie’s first instinct was to get her students back inside.

It seemed unbelievable to everyone that Jordan had been killed in the accident.

Work colleagues at the school said of Jordan, who had been principal at the school for 22 years, that she made it a point to get to know every student and bring out the best in each.

Investigators said that they found no mechanical problems with the bus and that the bus driver, whose name has not been released, had no visible signs of impairment at the time of the fatal incident. The investigation however is ongoing.

This accident is indeed a tragic one. It seems so unfair that a school principal doing the right thing lost her life in the process. When a child is injured at school, it can be a frightening experience for the parents. Of course for any parent, your child’s pain inevitably becomes your own, too. When a child is injured, it can mean losing wages from taking time off work, or even needing to take family leave for long term care of your child.

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