Paralyzed Man Learns to Walk Again

g724635g53p71When Jarrod Kerr was ejected from his car in an automobile accident in June of last year, he was left paralyzed from the waist down.

With a spinal cord injury such as the one Jarrod suffered, doctors held out little hope that the 34-year-old engineer would ever walk again.

Jarrod had other plans.

After numerous surgeries, Jarrod Kerr is now able to begin to walk again. Doctors at the HealthSouth Sunrise Rehabilitation Hospital have made use of a new robotics system known as ReWalk to help Kerr keep his dream in sight.

“Laying in bed thinking about … a device that has the ability to move my legs is obviously exhilarating,” Kerr said.

Even when his physical therapists tried to temper his expectations about how soon he would be able to even attempt his first steps, Kerr managed to reduce their estimates by less than half.

Even Jarrod’s mother Diane was surprised by her son’s progress. “I thought he was taking a couple steps. I had no idea he was actually going to walk, much less out the door,” she said.

Kerr’s enthusiasm and tenacity has helped him to make tremendous progress in his own recovery. While he achieves more and more of his own goals in his progress, he hopes that it can also help others who have had spinal injuries recover from their injuries as well.

“Hopefully this is the beginning of something that’s going to last for a long time,” Kerr said. “Not just for me (but) for anyone who has to go through a spinal cord injury.”

For anyone who has suffered a serious or debilitating injury in an accident, recovery can be painful, frustrating and time consuming. If you have been injured in any kind of accident that affects your mobility, it can seem hopeless. Thankfully, technology is helping many patients to recover parts of their lives that they may have believed were lost forever for them.

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