Man with Ankle Monitor Flees Scene of Accident

downloadOne of the worst things that you can do when you’re involved in an accident is leave the scene. That generally adds a boatload of ramifications to your case, and usually none of the outcomes are very good. When that scene happens to be a crowded bus stop, the situation can have injuries and more.

That’s just what happened at a bus stop not too long ago. Two people were in the vehicle when it rammed into the bus stop, injuring three people. They panicked and left. The boyfriend was in the car and driving, but he did not have a valid driver’s license.

The driver also had an ankle monitor, which made it easier for the police to track all of them down when they fled the scene, leaving the car behind. It was a lot of trouble that they were trying to avoid.

There was the ankle monitor, the fact that he didn’t have a driver’s license, and the fact that he was under the influence at the time, as well. Together, these make for a stack of charges.

If you’re facing craziness in your life and you’ve been hit by a driver who may not have had the proper paperwork, give us a call. A qualified Miami personal injury attorney can help you sort out your troubles.