Man Killed While Investigating Accident on I-4

Some people are born with the instinct to help others. If they see an accident, they rush in to help rather than sitting back. Many of these people end up becoming rescuers. But a rescuer can be in just as much danger as the people in an accident. One wrong step and the rescuer can become in need of rescue, or worse.

One local man tried getting out of his vehicle on I-4 to render assistance. Four vehicles had gotten into an accident and his was one of them. It happened on the on-ramp to Highway 27 in Davenport. As he was checking for damage and for the injured, another vehicle came up the ramp and struck him, killing him at the scene.

Getting into an accident anywhere near an interstate creates a very dangerous situation. People do not expect stopped cars on the interstate, especially in the middle of the lanes. Most people won’t slow unless they see brake lights. This assumption leads to situations like this one.

If possible, use road flares, road triangles, and other measures to notify people that you are stopped. Try to get vehicles into the shoulder if you can. Depending on the accident, staying in your vehicle and calling for assistance may be your best course of action.

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