Jaws Of Life, Crane Needed To Free Car Wrapped Around Tree

Getting into an accident can be terrifying enough, however, being trapped inside a vehicle that has just been through a crash can be even more frightening. Rescue and emergency crews can utilize a number of tools to help ensure that accident victims get to safety, but this can take time and sometimes be a tricky proposition. This may have been the case for the driver silver Toyota Sedan who was involved in an accident on the Turnpike on Wednesday afternoon.

According to a recent story reported on the CBS local station website in Miami, emergency crews from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue had to extricate a driver who had been trapped in their vehicle after crashing into a palm tree on the northbound side of the highly-traveled highway near the Quail Roost exit.

Reports indicate that there were a number of Fire-Rescue vehicles and a large crane involved in the process of freeing the trapped driver. The unidentified driver was eventually freed from the vehicle that was wrapped around the palm tree. They were later transported by ambulance to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities have not released any further information regarding the accident including has the identity of the driver, whether related charges are pending against the driver or what may have ultimately caused the crash.