Hit and Run Accident in Strip Mall

download (35)A bicyclist has been killed in a hit and run accident that happened at a strip mall on Sunday night.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the victim has been identified as Jacques Jean-Baptiste, 52 who was riding his bicycle at approximately 8:16 p.m. when he was struck by a vehicle at a strip mall located at N.W. 160th to N.W. 161st streets on N.W. 27th Ave. The vehicle did a U-turn after hitting Jean-Baptiste, and then left the scene of the fatal accident.

Family members indicated that Jean-Baptiste had gone to a Walgreens store at the strip mall to purchase some snacks when he was struck and killed by the vehicle.

The Florida Highway Patrol is hoping to find some sort of surveillance video footage that may have captured the vehicle that was involved in the accident. So far authorities do not have a description of the vehicle.

The FHP is asking for the help of the public if they have any information.

No doubt the family of Jacques Jean-Baptiste is devastated by what happened to him. It’s only made worse by the fact that they have no answers as to who committed the crime and what happened. Because of situations such as this, hit and run accidents are some of the worst kinds of accidents that can happen. It’s uncertain whether indifference or fear causes a person to run after hitting and injuring or killing another person. Hit and run is a serious crime and a very serious charge when the person who committed that crime is finally caught.

Because this accident involved a fatality, the guilty party faces a third-degree felony charge. In addition, it is more likely than not that a jury or a judge will side with the surviving family members of this man because of it being a hit-and-run case. A person should never be tempted to flee if they’re involved in an accident. It’ an act of cowardice, and in the eyes of the law, it carries very serious consequences.

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