Good Samaritans Injured In Multi-Car Accident, Killing One

The story of the Good Samaritan is thousands of years old. In the story, a Jewish man is robbed and left on the side of the road for dead. Several wealthy and powerful people walk by, seeing the man, but they ignore him, even crossing to the opposite side of the road. Finally, a Samaritan man passes by. When he sees the unconscious Jew, he takes him and treats his wounds, even paying out of pocket for the man to stay at an inn and rest until he can be nursed back to health.

Many people today are inspired by that ancient story, looking to help others any time they can. We often call those that stop to help strangers “good Samaritans” because of that story.

Unfortunately, being a good Samaritan can at times be dangerous, and such good deeds are not always rewarded. For example, according to a report from Dayton 24/7, when a group of people tried to do what was right, they suffered great loss as a result. Good deeds led to injury and death in a multi-vehicle accident.

Last Sunday, a car was spotted on the side of I-75. Three different vehicles stopped to help what they thought was a driver in distress. It turned out the vehicle was abandoned, so these good Samaritans called a tow truck. In the meantime, a fourth vehicle smashed into them, causing serious injuries and killing one of the good Samaritans.

What a sad turn of events!