Family Tries to take Shortcut across Palmetto Expressway

download (12)We are constantly looking for the shortest, easiest way of doing things, but sometimes that isn’t necessarily the best method.  Take this recent news story, for example.

Angela, two other adults, and seven children wanted to get to the other side of the Palmetto Expressway to enjoy themselves at Chuck E. Cheese.  There are two ways to get there.  The first is to walk around on crosswalks to get there, a way that takes more time but is safer.  Then, there’s getting onto the Expressway and crossing in a group illegally.

Angela and he others chose the latter route.  Unfortunately, Palmetto Expressway isn’t meant for a group of people on foot, and drivers aren’t expecting pedestrians on their high-speed thoroughfare.  A driver of a 2004 Ford SUV thought this as well. He struck Angela and three of the others.

“I don’t know what the kids were doing on the Palmetto Expressway,” Angela’s grandmother told the news, “I’m upset about that.”

“She said it was a shortcut and they followed her and that’s what happened,” said Angela’s sister.

The driver of the SUV maintains that the crash itself was unavoidable, and that he hopes that the family recovers.  He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.  Attorneys are looking into whether to charge Angela or any of the other adults involved.

Cases like this can get pretty complicated.  Who should have charges filed against them?  Who should pay the medical bills?  That’s one reason to get professional personal injury attorneys on your side.  Give us a call for a free consultation if you’re in a situation like this.