Drag Race Accident in Broward

We all know drag racing on public streets is illegal. That’s why films like The Fast and the Furious appeal to so many people. It’s a vicarious way of experiencing the thrill of racing. But some people take it into reality and that is a recipe for disaster.

At 33rd Street and Davie Road in Broward, wreckage was scattered everywhere after a drag race accident. One of the vehicles crashed into a minivan that was pulling out of a parking lot. The crash was so severe that the minivan driver was ejected from the vehicle.

Bystanders rushed to help as best as they could. Two young children were found injured in the back of the speeding vehicle, injured badly. The other race car did return to the scene and is being questioned by police.

This may seem really obvious, but it needs to be repeated. Never drag race on public roads. Get a racing license and go to a track instead. Racing on public roads puts lives and property at risk. Don’t do it.

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