Domestic Violence Incident Leads To Woman Running Over People With Her Car

A young woman from South Florida is facing multiple attempted murder charges after an argument between several people turned violent.

NBC Miami reported on its website that the August incident happened in a residential neighborhood in Homestead, located in the area surrounding Southwest 376th Street and 192nd Avenue when Jacqueline Hernandez, 18 and a friend got into a confrontation with others that they had past dealings with.

In a statement, police say that Hernandez stayed in the vehicle while her friend confronted two men from a group that the two had ongoing issues with. During the altercation, Hernandez began backing up her vehicle, striking a woman and sending her over the hood of the car. The woman’s leg was injured.

Hernandez, then pulled her car forward, striking her friend and running over the two men. Authorities say that Hernandez’ friend and one of the men were pinned under Hernandez’ vehicle.

Hernandez’ friend was airlifted from the scene of the crash to an area hospital for treatment of a spinal injury that is listed as severe. The man who was trapped under the vehicle was treated for fractures, including those to his wrist and elbow.

Police say that Hernandez fully admitted to her role in the incident. She was arrested and is currently being held on $100.00 bond.

No further information has been released about whether Hernandez is being represented by an attorney or when she is due to appear in court.