From Detox to Jail

A Florida woman who had been released from a detox facility only forty-eight hours earlier is now facing DUI and possession charges along with several other DUI related charges. According to authorities, Briana Mary Donaghy, 19, rear-ended a Dodge Charge with her Mercedes while driving through Marco Island. Both vehicles were forced off the road as a result of the crash, ending up in the shrubbery on the side of the road.

Initial investigations report that Donaghy claimed to be texting at the time of the rash. Both Donaghy and her passenger were transported to a local hospital for treatment of injuries as were the driver and passenger of the Charger. When Police visited Donaghy in the hospital she showed signs of intoxication and was arrested. Upon her arrest she voluntarily surrendered a small amount of marijuana. She is being held on $14,000 bail.

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