Child Ran Over By Family Member

When children start learning to walk, they learn to move fast. Dealing with the speed and curiosity of a toddler can be wearing on parents. They must be vigilant, or situations like the following can happen.

CBS Miami reports that a child is now in critical condition after a family member ran the child over. The incident happened in Jacksonville. The family member was leaving the apartment and didn’t notice where the child was when they began backing up.

Newer vehicles have features like rear-facing cameras to help drivers see what’s near the bumper. They help prevent accidents like these. But camera or no camera, drivers must be careful around small children. You never know when one might run or crawl toward the vehicle.

We hope that the injured child pulls through after this horrific incident, and that all of the medical bills are covered. Insurance should cover the situation if there is adequate coverage. But if an insurance company won’t cover the costs of an injury, that’s when you need legal help.

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