Car Plows into Sushi Restaurant

Car Plows into Sushi RestaurantSushi lovers may love raw fish but they don’t expect to experience bodily harm themselves while dining! That’s what happened to patrons at a local sushi restaurant when a car plowed through the restaurant.

It happened at the Heart Rock Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar. Four people in total were injured as a result of the accident. Thankfully, all are expected to survive. According to the driver, the car suddenly locked up and went out of control, smashing into a tree and careening into the restaurant. He couldn’t stop it or turn it, according to his statement. After the crash, he called for help and everyone assisted in helping the injured and cleaning up the damage.

Was it mechanical failure? Only the investigators will be able to know for sure. With this many witnesses, if the driver was under the influence of a substance it would have been difficult to hide. Sometime accidents do just happen; that’s why it’s important for business owners to have insurance to help them pay for damages.

Yet all too frequently, people do get into accidents that were preventable with results that are far more serious. In personal injury cases, insurance alone may not cover the costs. If you’ve been injured in an accident and can’t cover your bills, call our law offices immediately for a free consultation. We can help you get back on your feet.