Camera Captures Officer Getting Hit By A Car

A birthday trip ended tragically for one Maryland woman who was out celebrating with a friend on the evening of Sunday, October 17th, 2017. After leaving the establishment where they had been celebrating, 22-year-old Cariann Hithon got behind the wheel of her car and got into a series of accidents, including a hit and run with a pickup truck.

CBS Miami reported that newly released body-cam video obtained from the Miami Police Department shows the precise moment when Hithon hit Officer David Cajuso was struck by Hithon who was driving a black BMW. The bodycam video shows that Cajuso came very close to being struck and killed by Hithon.

The incident which happened along 12th Street and Washington Avenue was captured on cellphone video which went viral. The video shows the BMW strike Cajuso who is lying on the pavement. Moments later, another Miami officer, Michael Angulo opens fire on the BMW. At least one of the rounds that officer Angulo shot into the BMW struck and killed Hithon.

An autopsy report revealed that Hithon had a blood alcohol level of .179 – more than twice the legal limit of 0.08. Officer Cajuso was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital and has made a full recovery. Both Officer Cajuso and Officer Michael Angulo have returned to full duty. An internal affairs investigation was launched by the Miami Police Department. The Florida Attorney General has closed its case regarding the incident.