11 Vehicle Crash at Miami Intersection

miami accidentOne person has been killed and an additional 10 people were injured when a City of Miami dump truck slammed into a taxi cab at an intersection.

Police are still investigating the chain reaction crash that happened at the intersection of Northwest Seventh Street and 17th Avenue; however, believe that the dump truck caused the crash when it hit the yellow taxi.

Authorities were able to obtain surveillance video from a local business that captured footage of when the dump truck struck the cab belonging to Diamond Cab and then into the numerous other vehicles that were ahead of it.

A woman who was riding as a passenger in the taxi cab was killed in the accident. She has been identified as Pamela Kay Plummer, 66.

Those who were injured in the crash were transported by ambulance to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Four of the victims sustained serious injuries.

The crash is still currently under investigation. According to Police Officer, Kenia Fallat, investigators are trying to determine what caused the deadly crash. “There are a lot of things that we need to consider,” said Fallat. “We don’t know what the driver was going through at that precise time. We don’t know if there was a truck malfunction, or if he was suffering a medical condition.”

The City of Miami officials identified the driver of the dump truck as Larry Ellis.

In a video statement, Miami City Manager David J. Alfonso said, “Our hearts go out to the family members of those people that have been injured. We wish that those people get well as soon as possible, and to the family of the deceased, we wish that there’s comfort for them.”

According to Pamela Plummer’s family, she had just overcome some major health issues recently. It seems unfair that just when someone is on the road to recovery, their life should be taken from them so abruptly.

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